Sunday, January 26, 2014

We are...

We're all broken. 

It's true, whether we prefer to admit it or not. 
Our inexplicable tendency toward evil inevitably results in the same outcome. 

We're all beggars. 
We've squandered what we have believed would give us purpose and worth,
and at the end of it we quickly realize that the inheritance we have manufactured for ourselves leaves us hopeless. And empty.
We are all wandering. 
Sojourners traveling this destitute and barren land. 
We carry our scraps on our backs and in our best efforts attempt to press on. 
Yet, alone, the journey seems far too long and our souls are much too

We are all weary. 
With ourselves, with the world, 
with the scars that sting beneath the weight of this desert heat.

But God.

Like rain gushing out of the robust clouds we somehow missed comes a gentle voice saying,

"I will not forget you. 
Beloved--I will never leave you.
Let me be your rest."

We are still broken. 
Still beggars. Weary wanderers.

But we are free.


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