Monday, February 24, 2014

No such thing as dueling crosses

We do not have dueling crosses
And it is not flame against fire
We both fall before the Lord
And are branded for eternity above
We fight for what's already ours
Because we cannot fathom such a prize
I hurt because I hoard the prize
Denying that the portion is also yours
I don't know how to believe humility 
When "humility" slapped me in the face
I don't know how to piece a puzzle
With two different shapes
The cut in my heart
Is not a scratch
It requires healing from an everlasting Love
Let me be
To grieve my last grief
To shed my last tear
To wail of my last sorrow
To express my final anger
To fell my finite shame
To blot out my fear
Let me be.
Then we can walk the frontier together

We do not have dueling crosses
Because we share the same
And they fell at the same time
Because we also share the same
We shout,
You are the Christ. 
And he came to us both.


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