Sunday, May 11, 2014


am i a half-blood?
or full-blood?
envy presently is heads or tails.
blood shot eyes.
blood on my hands.
full-blood on my hands
     in my hands
on my arms
  my chest, my face
full-body blood
inside me--how does
       it identify me?
Am I stamped with
      unrest or rest?
Can I win by killing my
   Shared Blood?
I decided I can.
And Shared Blood cries
   out and my blood
with unrest
I want to beat my knuckles
into the ground
until my blood seeps
and my flesh is hushed
or was it quiet then?
my blood--half or whole --
did it wimper?
I don't know.
I am firstborn
but I am last.
I acted to win
what I could not
have, what I could
   not gain.
Who is this voice
   that crushes me,
that turns my
  blood to dust?
If I could hide I would.
Build back my flesh into
  a new pride-brick foundation.
Am I a half-blood
or full-blood?
Or is the answer Pure Blood?


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